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  • 主婚人

    結婚證書要有兩個主婚人簽名,一般都是男女雙方各派一個主婚人,最普遍是雙方父親,但其實任何年滿十八歲的人都可以作為見證人簽結婚證書的。 今日去證婚,第

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  • 返回校園結婚 (2)

    兩年前第一次去中學證婚。兩年後同一日,我再去到同一間中學,為另一對同班同學證婚。今年的新郎是兩年前婚禮的兄弟。 兩年前我為了學校婚禮寫了關於學校禮堂

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  • 兩個妹妹結婚了

    剛剛個weekend去了兩個妹妹的婚禮。 一個妹妹的家姐兩年半前由我證婚,而家已成為幸福靚媽媽。家姐做MC,講細個時兩個人share一個朱古力bun,自己幾肚餓都會留番

    閱讀全文 | 04-13-2015 12:04 | 沒有評論

  • 揀科

    DSE剛開考,中六學生正在戰鬥中。取得DSE成績後,就要make a final choice on大學主修科目。這個選擇,隨時影響未來多年的事業發展路向,可能是十幾歲人最重要

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  • 又平又靚嘅證婚律師

    有人揾又平又靚嘅證婚律師,我朋友話平就唔知,但靚就一定,推薦咗我!哈,唔知佢哋講緊我的外表還是服務呢? 我post了上Facebook,很多人comment "

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  • hifisnoopy 2011-04-06 12:33
    Hi Anna,

    Really a thousand of thanks to your help.

    My wife want to know the proper address of the " beef barbecue that you have been visiting for two times"

    Thanks for your helps since she love the Korean Beef firepot and barbecue...

    All my best dedication to you,
  • hifisnoopy 2011-04-03 12:48
    Hi Anna, Very pleased you can share the trip to Fusan with us. Me and my wife are going to Fusan at the end of May only for 2 nites and 3 days. Will you please advise us the best and easy transports and places to shop like cosmetics... Or I just simply following your steps? Thanks for sharing and appreciate if you can forward your prescious advices to : Wishing you good living and happy life,, robert ...
  • TeaU 2011-03-07 15:06
    Dear Anna,
    I am going to get married on 19 June this year and we are looking for 婚姻監禮人.  Are you available that day? How much do you charge?  Please email me:

    Thank you very much,