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  • Love is best saved for capturing The Moment through my camera ( 回覆)

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Love is best saved for capturing The Moment through my camera (回覆)
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    Something unique and non-traditional for your wedding photos capturing every single precious moment - (w) (e)

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  • Getting ready!

    The Bride doesn't know I sneaked into the room & took this lovely photo of her & the gown. When you're least prepared, that's when the photo b

    閱讀全文 | 11-29-2011 18:46 | 沒有評論

  • West Kowloon

    It's been a hot hot afternoon when we headed off to the West Kowloon harbor for the shooting. Despite the xtreme heat & bright sun, we managed to

    閱讀全文 | 11-21-2011 17:48 | 沒有評論

  • "I look too fat/ugly!"

    "I'm not pretty enough!" "I'm fat!!!" "My arms aren't as slim as I want!!!" These are the 'complaints' I always hear fr

    閱讀全文 | 11-21-2011 17:02 | 沒有評論

  • Long time no 'blog'

    Ever since Facebook has become the main source of client contact, it's been a looooong while since I update my blog here. Shame shame Guess it's ti

    閱讀全文 | 11-21-2011 16:54 | 沒有評論

  • Just Perfect for shooting

    Under the perfect daylight & with light breeze brushing gently by,  we able to capture this wonderful picture of the Bride. Thank you Nature

    閱讀全文 | 07-13-2010 12:10 | 沒有評論

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    你有接婚宴攝影的JOB嗎? 可唔可以比D資料我呀?