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請問有無wow同學仔知道黃翠如0係香港小姐著0個條EG係邊度有? (回覆)


我的結婚日期 : 2016-09-16


我們的大喜日子 : 2016-09-16

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  • Serinac 2016-06-03 09:05
    Seal on Heart Photography
    這是台灣既攝影師. 希望幫到你! :)
  • EtienneMarcel 2016-05-12 18:58
    French Bridal gowns Ever fantasized about getting all dressed up in a dazzling French wedding gown and knocking everybody out at first glance? Enjoy "Frantastic" offers in ‪LeFrenchMay‬ at your first visit! Drop by our page and make an appointment now! :)‬ 有幻想過穿起法國高級立體裁剪婚紗的自己有多驚艷嗎? 立即與我們預約,親身體驗! http://etiennemarcel.fr/ https://www.facebook.com/etiennemarcelfrance/ ...
  • reneelolo 2015-10-18 18:22
    Hi 我見留言見你已經book左天澄各16年9月,因為我都係9月,想請問下你有無R到free加一? thx😊
  • Mochicat 2015-10-07 00:00
    ppikkk: Hi~~ I am also intested in Adrianna Papell and like one floral dress but dun know how to buy. Could you share the online shop you bought from and the
    They are carried by many shops like shopstyle, shopbob,amazon. I used a forwarding company to have it mailed to hk. Its called us-ex. Hope it hepls!
  • 薯蛋頭太太 2015-05-13 10:49
    ppikkk: 我去左落訂啦, 不過佢D優惠真係好難R, 酒水0個D都唔成功
    係呀... 我地 bk 之前都預左
    唯一係 free 左 candy corner 令我地有少少驚喜 @@